Bada Sankrei

Bada-AN-Ep 5


Japanese (base) バダ・サンクレイ
Rōmaji Bada Sankrei
Other Names, etc. 昼行灯: Noon Lantern (Nickname)

夜明けの日輪: Sun at Daybreak (Nickname)

Personal Information
Gender Male
Relatives Yûka Sankrei (Wife)

Ikta Solork (Son)

Eye Dark Green
Hair Black
Occupation Army
Rank General
Country Katjvarna Empire
Anime debut Episode 5
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 7

Bada Sankrei (バダ・サンクレイ Bada Sankurei) is a side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


As father and son, Bada and Ikta look alike. Bada has black hair and compared to his son, his irises are extra oval and slit. He wears a green military uniform.


He is a kind father. He thinks Ikta and Yatori should live their own life. Also they should do whatever they want.

He is excellent in strategy and tactics. He is an Empire Army General.




Volume 7Edit

Bada and Anarai made a man made rainbow upon Yatori arrival at Rising Sun Regiment. He also proposed a competition between the two and mobilized 600 men to carry out a number of missions under their command. Bada give advice to them about strategy. Bada also talked about the problem with current hierarchical chain of command and if the top starts rotting,

Bada being branded as a traitor for disobeying a decree and that he died in jail.


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