Background Edit

Place Edit

Imperial Segal Grand Academy Edit

Imperial Segal Grand Academy-MN-CH1-007

Harbor Edit


Eastern Region Garrison Headquarters Edit

East Region Garrison HQ-AN

Imperial Capital Banhataal, Old Chateral Edit

Old Catheral-AN

High Level Officer School Edit

High Level Officer School Front - AN

Front view

High Level Officer School Back-AN

Back view

Sankrei House Edit

Sankrei House-AN

Professor Anarai Lab Edit

Prof Anarai Lab-AN

Igsem Rehearsal Hall Edit

Igsem Rehearsal Hall-AN

First Base of Northern Stronghold Edit

Northern Stronghold Outer View

Front view

Northern Stronghold Command Room

Command Room

Oasis Supply Point Edit

Oasis Supply Point

Arfatra Mountain Edit

Arfatra Mountain 3800 from sea level

3800 from sea level

Shinaak Residential Village Edit

Shinaak Residential Village

Military Edit

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