During audience with the Emperor

The title of Imperial Knight (Knights 騎士団[編集]) usually, was one of the supreme honors given only unto High Grade Military Officers who performed heavy services during war.



The people who received this, although it was an honor limited to one person that could not be inherited by descendants, ‘’it added those people to the lowest seat of nobility’’.

The nobility under the Imperial class system existed for the purpose of selecting young people from influential pedigrees to be related to the Imperial Family through marriage, and as a general rule one did not rise to nobility from the common class. The near unique exception to that was the conferring of decorations of “Imperial Knight”, and numerous benefits came along with it. A large increase in pension, a more influential voice in political matters, permission to attend meetings hosted by the House of Nobles.[1][2]


Ikta saving Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik from the abyss of death when she fell in the sea as the ship sank due to a storm and saving her when she nearly got held captive by soldiers of the republic Kioka. Lastly bringing chamille through to the borders with deceive Kioka Commander.[1][2]

Person that granted to become a KnightEdit


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