Jean Arkinex


Japanese (base) ジャン・アルキネクス
Rōmaji Jan Arkinex
Other Names, etc. 不眠(ねむらず)の輝将: Commander of Perpetual Radiance (nickname)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Purple
Hair White
Occupation Army
Rank Trainee
Country Kioka Republic
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3

Jean Arkinex (ジャン・アルキネクスリ Jan Arukinekusu) is a male side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


He possessed a slim yet sturdy physique, a head full of white hair without the use of any hair dye, along with youthful features that stood in stark contrast to his hair. These were accompanied by his white eyes, eyes that gave men the mistaken impression that they glimmered with ethereal light.


Colonel Jean Arkinex of the Kioka Republican Army. Known as the “Shining Sleepless General” among men he was thought to be "The Most Intelligent General of His Time." Although most of his decisions on the battlefield are bold, he does not take many risks, and only acts when he knows that the situation will turn in his favor.




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