Kanna Temari




Japanese (base) カンナ・テマリ
Rōmaji Kanna Temari
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 19
Relatives Husband (Dead)
Eye Hazel (light novel)
Hair Light brown/dirty blonde (Light Novel)
Occupation Army
Rank Private First Class
Country Katjvarna Empire
Partner Tabb (Spirit)
Anime debut Episode 6
Manga debut Chapter 16
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2

Kanna Temari (カンナ・テマリ Kanna Temari) is a female side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin. Ikta quickly takes an interest in her due to her fascination with books.


She wears a brown ribbon tied to her ponytail.[1]


Born into poverty, Kanna's family wed her off at just 14 years of age to alleviate the economic burden that came with raising her. Not long into marriage, her husband fell ill and died.

Without even a child to look after, Kanna decided to leave the house of her married family. While lost as to how she would survive - feeling she couldn't return to her impoverished parents - a recruitment poster caught the attention of the female soldier to be.

Plot Edit

One day her book was getting confiscated by an army officer and he was going to hit her when Ikta Solork came to her rescue. Ikta called her a junior disciple due to their similar interest.[1]

The following section contains latest spoiler. You have been warned light novel-only readers.

During Military Operation in Northen RegionEdit

Kanna was at the front of the ranks that needed to climb Grand Arfatra Mountains. She was having trouble marching uphill while carrying heavy baggage. The battle began on the third day with the Shinaak tribe having built a fort to block the mountain road and waiting. The enemy was hiding in the fortress made of wood and mud-bricks, once having sighted the Imperial soldiers, they immediately launched a full attack. Many soldiers died in front of Kanna due to wind mortars. Kanna met a guy named Private Yazan and saved him from a worn out mortar. Later, the enemy ran out of ammunitions and retreated.

In the second battle they made the detachment split in half and attack on two fronts which resulted in minor losses; however, they once again fell into the predicament of fighting an uphill battle with a hail of bullets during the third battle. During this time, Kanna got a nominal as Lance corporal. They found an abandoned fortress but after observing the surrounding scenery from the scouting post, Kanna felt an uneasiness in her heart.[1]

Splr kan1
“Will Ikta teach me more about science?” — Kanna
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Ikta grabs Kanna's ribbon that has her blood

After the whole platoon was accommodated in the high-ground base, Kanna spent several days guarding shifts and giving orders. Kanna talked to Yazan about her past and suddenly remembered Ikta. She wondered how Ikta was doing and if he would teach her more about science. Suddenly they were put on alert due to the enemy showing up. Despite the fact that the enemy troops already outnumbered the Imperial Soldiers, the enemy didn’t take the initiative and attack.

During the time they were pushing a wind mortar, one of her comrades suddenly fell onto his knees and started vomiting followed by another who felt dizzy and had to sit on the ground. Kanna was rendered speechless. Their face complexions could not be called livid anymore but white, pale, their skin dry and cracked, and meager cheeks sunken. Most of the soldiers directly lost consciousness and then the enemy came to kill them all.

Their allies were lured in and trapped and under siege by the enemy. A gravely injured soldier came to Ikta's camp asking for reinforcements. Ikta refused to deploy his troops immediately because they could be wiped out as well due to altitude sickness (the expedition is progressing up the mountain at high altitudes). They needed 2 days to adjust to their current altitude before moving out and because of that, their allies were wiped out. Among them, was Kanna, which Ikta did not know beforehand.

When Ikta was collecting tags from the dead, he saw two bodies stacked on top of each other. Ikta was about to inadvertently pass on the sides when suddenly a gust of wind made a loosened brown ribbon come free. Ikta noticed it was stained with marks of Kanna's blood. Kanna was lying on top of the body of a male soldier, her body lacerated with countless stab wounds. Furthermore, she still held an air gun with the bayonet equipped. Her life had ended trying to protect a companion.

Ikta bid farewell to Kanna and cut off his current inexcusably disgraceful appearance. As if sensing the time was ripe, a gust of wind blew the ribbon in his hand away. Ikta did not try to catch Kanna's ribbon instead, he turned his back and walked away.


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