Countries, Places, Landmarks, and other General GeographyEdit

Katjvarna EmpireEdit

  • Eastern Province
  • Eastern Stronghold
  • Imperial Central Military Base
  • Tahbai Mountains
  • Grand Arfatra Mountains
  • Hirgano Archipelago
  • Southern Urt Woodlands
  • Imperial Capital Banhataal
  • National Library of the Capital
  • Eternal Spirit Tree
  • Northern Province
  • First Base of the Northern Stronghold
  • Shinaak Residential Area
  • Daphma River

Kioka RepublicEdit

  • Nihong Harbor
  • Hiored Mines

Full MapEdit

Map Full-AN


Drifted away from enemy borderEdit

Map Ep1-AN

Map during Ikta and others after drifted away.

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