Trisnai Izanma


Japanese (base) トリスナイ・イザンマ
Rōmaji Trisnai Izanma
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Title Prime Minister
Country Katjvarna Empire
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Trisnai Izanma (トリスナイ・イザンマ Torisunai Izama) is a side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


Trisnai has a feminine face, with slanting eyes and dark green hair. His height is below average than a normal Empire citizen.[1]


Most of the Royal family members knows that Trisnai is always cunning about his works and mostly strict to his subordinates. But later found out that he was careful not to give a hint about his undercover work.


Trisnai started in the lower-ranks of the military and served as a public judge and later acquired position on the Higher ranking officers under the Empire and because of his evil plots and deceiving motives he later became the Prime Minister.


Son of Romerik Bitonia and Cristilva Bitonia of Bc'lod



  1. Light Novel Volume 4

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